Dive Site PBY-5 catalina 1 Flying boaT  A24-1

MAX DEPTH 5 Metres                SUNK     30/8/45       

LENGTH 19.4 m  wingspan 31.7  metres                                 weight   9485 kg empty




 One of several Catalina flying boats wrecked in the harbour.

Crashed during take off August 30 1945 pilot wing commander Keith Bolitho. After the crash the aircraft was towed to a mud bank in east arm to allow salvage, Catalina A24-1 is wrecked in the mangroves in east arm, the site once intact has been reduced by the time and forces of tide and nature to a small section of the nose a couple of pieces of wing and the 2 engines still remain onsite and are visible at low tide, some parts were recovered to help with a Catalina restoration/display at RAAF Amberley Air base 

See Pacific wrecks for details and photos


Date unknown late 60`s


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