Dive Site Mauna Loa

MAX DEPTH 19 METERS                  SUNK 1942              

LENGTH 410 FEET                                         TONNAGE 5436 TONS GROSS




Built by Los Angeles Ship building and Drydock company in San Pedro, California in 1919.

A merchant ship of 410 feet long and tonnage of 5436 gross  she had straight stem, counter stern two decks and two masts.

Powered by oil fired triple expansion engine giving her a speed of 10 knots.

Laying at anchor on the morning of the Japanese attacks the vessel was hit by two bombs that went through an open hatch, starting  fires and breaking her back causing  the vessel to sink.

Their were 5 casualties out of the crew of thirty eight

The wreck was salvaged to the water line by the Fujita Salvage Company around 1960 leaving all cargo lying on the bottom for all divers to enjoy.

See brochure on the site printed by Northern Territory Government here

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