Dive Sites Medkhanun

MAX DEPTH 18 METERS                  SUNK 2              

LENGTH  25 METers                                           TONNAGE ?



A 25 meter fishing vessel caught illegally fishing in Northern Territory waters.  The boat  was cleaned with money donated by Conoco Phillips  to the  Darwin's Amateur Fishing Association and eventually scuttled close to the  Song Saigon and the Ham Luong to expand the existing artificial reef.

The vessel lies on its port side intact on the bottom the 2 forward holds are open and you can look inside with the aid of a torch.  The  vessel has already started to attract fish life and will continue do so . The wheel  house and quarters can be seen through existing windows and doors with the use of a torch. The vessel already has a lot  of silt laying in and on it and when stirred up can reduce the visibility to virtually nothing.






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