MAX DEPTH 18 METERS                  SUNK 1942              

LENGTH 430 FEET                                         TONNAGE 12,568 TONS GROSS



Built by Los Angeles Ship building and Dry-dock company in San Pedro, California in 1921.

Army transport ship of 430.7 feet and 12568 ton gross capable of producing 3500 horse power she had straight stem, counter stern, two decks and three masts.

The largest ship in the harbour during  the Japanese raids made her a prime target for the attacking Japanese  aircraft.

Lightly armed and  loaded with ammunitions and equipment she was an easy target and was attacked repeatedly throughout the raids.

Hit by many large bombs several incendiary bombs and repeated machine gunning from fighter aircraft the vessel was finally struck by aerial torpedoes and caught fire before sinking. However only two of the crew of sixty six were killed.

The mast of the Meigs could be seen sticking out of the water and was a popular swimming destination for many years until the wreck was salvaged to the water line by the Fujita Salvage Company around 1960 leaving all cargo lying on the bottom for all divers to enjoy.







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