Dive Site  SS Brisbane

MAX DEPTH 12 Metres               SUNK 1881

LENGTH 281.5  FEET (85.3 M)                                          TONNAGE 1503 TONS GROSS




On the 10th of October 1881 the SS Brisbane having departed Hong Kong heading for port Darwin struck 2 reefs north of Bynoe harbour. The second of these reefs was fish reef where the vessel became firmly aground.

Attempts by her captain were made to refloat the vessel on the next high tide these attempts failed and she was finally abandoned on 27th October  Some of the cargo was salvaged and forwarded to its intended destination a large part of the cargo was sold locally in Darwin.

As late as December there were still reports of goods being salvaged from the wreck.

The Brisbane is an easy dive items of interest include  propeller  rudder, steering gear ,boilers and hull plating


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