Dive Site Zealandia

MAX DEPTH 22 Metres                  SUNK 1942              

LENGTH 410.3 FEET                                                 TONNAGE 6600 TONS GROSS




Built by John Brown and company of Clydebank, Scotland for Huddart Parker Ltd of Melbourne in 1910.

Steel passenger liner tonnage 6600 gross fitted with quadruple expansion engine driving twin screws.  The vessel had an operating speed of 14 Knots.

Chartered by the department of defence in 1940 and used as a troop ship as she was in WWI  she was fitted out to carry 800 personnel.

Laying at anchor on 19th February the vessel did not have enough stem to raise anchor and avoid the attacking aircraft.

Bombs fell into no 3 hold damaging bulkheads more bombs holed the starboard quarter, the vessel caught fire and was also staffed by enemy aircraft. The captain gave the order to abandon ship and  three lives were lost out of the crew of  145.

The wreck was salvaged to the water line by the Fujita Salvage Company around 1960 leaving all cargo lying on the bottom for all divers to enjoy.





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