Dive Site c 47 Dakota

MAX DEPTH 22 Metres                SUNK    1946         

LENGTH 65 FEET                                        Wingspan 95  Feet




C 47 Dakota plane located in 2006  by Shaun Uden of Fish Darwin   The site has been  heritage listed and no anchoring is permitted at the site a buoy has been installed aprox 22m from the wreck and a line of star pickets will then lead the diver to the tail section of the wreck.

The plane is A65-115 which crashed on September 5 1946 the aircraft ditched with the starboard engine on fire 500 yards out from Mindil beach at approximately 1708 hours all 5 of the crew survived  floating in the water until rescued by Catalina flying boats based in the harbour.

See brochure on the site printed by Northern Territory Government here






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