Dive Site Kelat

MAX DEPTH  12 Metres                  SUNK 1942              

LENGTH  261 FEET                                                 TONNAGE 1894TONS GROSS



Built by Duck and company at Stocks on Richardson, England  for Bates and sons in 1881.

Iron hulled fully rigged sailing ship tonnage 1894 gross  three masts and two decks @ 261 feet long

Requisitioned by RAN in 1941 and in February 1942  it was towed from Fremantle to Darwin fully loaded with coal.

On the day of the attack she was anchored in the harbour and was strafed by machine gun fire eventually sinking a few days latter

The sinking may have been by neglect as  in the confusion after the raids  it is possible no one remembered to continue to run her pumps to keep her afloat.




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