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Other NT Sites Below 


Heritage protected sites  with exclusion Zones in place  

   Booya       A steel hulled Three Masted schooner   35.8 metres long ( Virtually intact )

             The site is under the control of the heritage branch and has a strict permit system is in operation.

             The diving of the historic wreck of Booya  can only be done through local  dive operators.

             No fishing allowed at this site

    Catalina6  #4 or8        Catalina flying boat USN number 4 or 8 wrecked in Darwin harbour

    Florence D        Supply ship sunk off Melville Island during the 1942 raids on Darwin

     I 124 Sub       Japanese sub sunk 20/1/42 off Bathurst Island sunk by Australian corvette Deloraine

     Sanyo Maru     Mother ship to Japanese pearling fleet sunk 1/7/1937 off coat of Arhnem land

   SS Macumba     Sunk during WW2 on 6/8/43 of the coast of Arhnem land,  finally located on 4/10/17 see NTG media release here



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