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Truk Lagoon  Photos

Entrance to Blue Lagoon Hotel

View from Hotel window

Artifacts at Blue Lagoon Hotel

Wreckage on beach at Blue Lagoon hotel

Blue Lagoon Hotel

Japaneese Bunker

Tunnel entrance to shore gun

Shore gun

Shore Gun

Japanese lighthouse

SS Thorfinn

SS Thorfinn Boiler

Thomo our dive guide

Sub I169 Rear Hatch

Sub I169 Prop

Thumbs up after the first dive

Fujikawa Maru

Aircraft cockpit forward hold of Fujikawa Maru

Zero fighter on Fujikawa Maru

Aircraft Propellers forward hold Fujikawa Maru

Boxes of bullets

Clips of bullets

Thousands of bullets

Another Ladder

Push Bike

Crates of bottles in Rear hold of Rio De Janerio Maru

Ships bridge

Rice Bowles

Fish life

Medicine Bottles

Large Projectile

Large artillery shells

Landing Barge

Engine telegraph


Coral encrusted bow gun

Large engine cylinder

Clown fish

Gas mask

Bow of Gosei Maru

Relaxing in the lounge between dives

Submarine periscopes on Heian Maru

Heian Maru Propeller

Small fish

Bridge of SS Nippo Maru

Engine telegraph SS Nippo Maru

SS Nippo Maru

Bob holding shell cases

Divers exploring

divers exploring


Relaxing after the dives


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